About Us

ShareRing Shop is a marketplace platform that connects customers, local businesses and delivery partners ⁠— allowing for trade in a truly localised, secure and accessible marketplace for all.

The process is simple, just place your order with local shops through our website and while you're getting on with life, we'll take care of getting your products packaged and delivered straight to your door within 2 hours - whether you ordered from one shop or five.

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Why use ShareRing Shop?


We're the only multi-merchant online department store in Australia. Get everything you need all in one place while supporting your local retailers. With ShareRing Shop, there’s no need to leave the house during the COVID-19 lockdown measures, that means no more paying for parking, standing in long queues or carrying heavy bags.


Receive your order the very same day, and within 2 hours!


Payments on the ShareRing Shop platform are secure and all of our delivery drivers must undergo identity checks, as well as sign-up with ShareRing ID, so customers can have complete confidence that their driver and order is as presented.

How It Works:


Search for stores (within 5km from you). Add items to the cart (can be from multiple stores) and place your order through the ShareRing Shop website. You won't be charged until delivery.


Keep updated with your order via a delivery tracking link. Products are delivered on the same day, usually within 2 hours of order.


All of your products will be picked up from stores from our delivery partners and delivered according to the social distancing guidelines.

Now you can enjoy products such as:

  • Super fresh fruit and veg
  • Seafood caught/farmed the same day
  • High-quality locally butchered meat
  • The brand new DJI Mavic Air 2
  • Office supplies
  • Clothing from local designers
  • Cosmetics + more
  • ... the day you order, all without even leaving the house!

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